The Thousand Year Divide by Catrin Russell (The Light of Darkness #6)

Every so often a series comes along which is so good, you are left without words. Still, I will try, as this series deserves all the words I can give to it. When I began with Power of Conviction (see my review here,) I said it was a great start to a promising series. ThisContinue reading “The Thousand Year Divide by Catrin Russell (The Light of Darkness #6)”

A new release and a Black Friday event

Two things worth mentioning before I get back to reviewing books. First. I have a new book out! No Limits is the explosive sequel to Going Down, a dark, sexy M/M romance with a pansexual book boyfriend to die for. (I mean this. People do tend to die when he’s around.) The two books areContinue reading “A new release and a Black Friday event”

Review – Meltdown by Max Marlow (Christopher Nicole)

It’s wonderful to find a book you’ve been hunting for; like finding buried treasure. I tell the full story in my September newsletter, but for now, here’s my review. I first read this in the early 1990’s. In fact, I read it so much, the book disintegrated. It was THAT loved. Fast forward twenty years,Continue reading “Review – Meltdown by Max Marlow (Christopher Nicole)”

New Hot Deals page!

Now you can go straight to the Hot Deals page to find out whether any of my books are on sale when you visit. Right now I’m doing a Black Friday promotion on three of my titles, Going Down, Euphoria and Lexington Black. Each book is $0.99 until the 1st December, so you can buyContinue reading “New Hot Deals page!”

Welcome to my new site!

I’m learning as I go, so please be patient. Once I’ve figured out how to work this thing I can go back to writing books. The name is still the same, only the look has changed. In the meantime, here are some gorgeous photos I took during lockdown. We were blessed with fantastic weather inContinue reading “Welcome to my new site!”

Book review and Giveaway – Innovation (various) Queer Sci Fi 7th Annual Flash Fiction Contest

Genre: LGBTQIA Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy Queer Sci Fi’s sixth annual flash fiction anthology is here – “Innovation” – and there’s a giveaway too! IN-NO-VA-TION (Noun) 1) A new idea, method, or device. 2) The introduction of something new. 3) The application of better solutions to meet unarticulated needs. Three definitions to inspire writers aroundContinue reading “Book review and Giveaway – Innovation (various) Queer Sci Fi 7th Annual Flash Fiction Contest”

Re-release! – The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth

I’m pleased to be part of the re-launch of this awesome book, which has a gorgeous new cover. There’s also competition to win an Amazon voucher , and an excerpt from the book as well! Find my review of The Stark Divide here. J. Scott Coatsworth has a new queer sci fi book out book one inContinue reading “Re-release! – The Stark Divide by J. Scott Coatsworth”

Author Interview on WROTE Podcast

Massive News! I’ve been interviewed by the wonderful guys at WROTE Podcast, which I helped to set up back in the day. We talked Going Down, Lexington Black, the perils of Wattpad and lots and LOTS of other stuff. So if you fancy a listen, click the link below!

Book Blast! – Sex and the City Plot Holes by Nicole Taylor

Frankly, I wasn’t going to pass this one up. Being a fan of SATC for years, then kind of seeing its flaws with the benefit of time, I was very interested in what this book had to say. Now it’s your turn to find out! And there’s a cool competition too.  BOOK BLAST Book Title:Continue reading “Book Blast! – Sex and the City Plot Holes by Nicole Taylor”

Book review – Stations of Shadow by J. Daniel Stone

Genre: LGBT Horror I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.  To find out more about J. Daniel Stone, check out his website  Halfway through this novel, I couldn’t decide whether this book was too brilliant for me to totally understand every nuance, or pretentious AF. TheContinue reading “Book review – Stations of Shadow by J. Daniel Stone”