The Hanging Tree – a gruesome coffee time read….

PG15 Adult themes, profanity and horror Similarities to real life people are purely coincidental. Coffee time chills. Sit back, relax and enjoy this gruesome story! Gary turned off Junction 5 and headed towards Stokenchurch, as he always did on a Friday evening. The traffic going into London had been heavy from Thame, due to anContinue reading “The Hanging Tree – a gruesome coffee time read….”

Movie Review – Nightbeasts

This honest review is based on a free screener provided by the production company. Okay, so here we have a deadbeat dad, Charles (Zach Galligan) taking his son to the country for a weekend of hunting, only to find that the local Indian reservation has been menaced by a tribe of Sasquatch (Bigfoot to youContinue reading “Movie Review – Nightbeasts”

The World According to Max O’Donnell

Max O’Donnell is the main male character in The Cloud Seeker. Moody and profane, he is seemingly incapable of blending into the peaceful English village he has moved to, in order to be with his estranged son.  Yet he does blend in, slowly and inexorably, although his motives for being there remain unclear. As heContinue reading “The World According to Max O’Donnell”