The Closer Than Blood series

If you’d like to know the nature of the taboo relationship before proceeding, find out here.

Part 1: Obsession

Forbidden passion, blackmail and murderous intent in the cold, glittering heart of Manhattan. 

Book 1 of the Closer Than Blood series. Against his better judgement, slick, pansexual hitman Frank Mancini falls for the sultry sister of his latest client. He is hiding a dark secret, and intends to seduce her before his past is revealed.

Part 2: Possession

Pagan has tried to forget past events by marrying her accountant, but has realised he is more interested in her money and status than her or her young son.

Richard is the powerful businessman determined to win back the woman he loves. He also has to deal with an enemy intent on settling old scores with the help of a greedy new partner in crime.

Part 3: Surrender

Pagan is looking forward to a future with Richard, but he hasn’t been entirely truthful about the danger they are all in.

With their love on a knife edge, she teams up with a grumpy Goth teenager and a transgender escort to rescue her wayward lover. When the bullets begin flying, only time will tell if Pagan’s love for Richard will survive.

This is the end of Richard and Pagan’s story, and yes, there is an HEA! but if you have fallen in love with Richard and want more of him, the series continues with Going Down.

2 thoughts on “The Closer Than Blood series

  1. wow, I have already asked when part two is available!
    I purchased this to use as a leisurely read now and then when time allowed between working full time and caring for a small monster, said monster may have been slightly neglected for two days as i have struggled to put the book down.
    i found Pagan’s character very relatable, her need to escape the tumultuous relationship with her brother, and how she managed to fall for someone she knew was trouble. i am hoping that she acquires the happiness she is longing for soon”

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