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There are some great deals on until 1st December 2020, with the following books at $0.99 at the listed book sellers!

Euphoria (by Jayne Lockwood)

The Amazon #1 LGBT Sci Fi bestseller! The story of an alien rescuing Earth from self-destruction and falling in love with the human race. An unusual love story with tentacles included.

Heat Level 2/5

Going Down (by Lady Jaguar)

An outrageous corporate fantasy with lots of hot sex and shenanigans as a maverick CEO tries to escape his past with the help of his cute male PA. Falling in love was never part of the plan.

Heat Level 5/5

Lexington Black (by Lady Jaguar)

The heart-wrenching tale of shy Englishman Rob, who finds sexual fulfilment with a slick New York businessman, but a devastating secret almost destroys their chance of happiness. HEA and meddling drag queens guaranteed.

Heat Level 5/5

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