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For romance, suspense, dark romance and science fiction fantasy. All of Jayne’s books are published under her own imprint, Hollow Hills Publishing.

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The Cloud Seeker
Closer Than Blood
New Beginnings


The No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon LGBT Science Fiction

Non-binary Vardam risks everything to travel to Earth to persuade a group of scientists not to destroy the planet. They find love despite their differences, and tentacles.

Closer Than Blood

Forbidden passion and family values collide in this controversial romance. An enigmatic hitman harbours a lethal lust for the sister of his potential victim. A story of sex, power and obsession.

New Beginnings

Part of Mischief Corner’s A Holiday To Remember series. Two people find their way back to each other one Christmas, after Sammi’s transition drove them apart.

The Cloud Seeker (re-released January 2021)

When a traumatised stranger arrives in an English village to get to know his son, an attractive local woman with sixth sense attempts to find out what he is hiding. Gradually his true identity is revealed.

Elements of Control (coming later in 2021)

Dominatrix Lady Gabrielle has one golden rule; don’t fall in love with any of her clients. Marcus Crane is the buttoned-up surgeon curious about BDSM. Neither of them realise someone is behind the scenes, intending to destroy them both.

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