Lady Jaguar Books

For sexy MM fiction under the Pulp Reads yellow label. These books are definitely for over 18’s only!

Pulp Reads label

All of Lady Jaguar’s books are published under Jayne Lockwood’s own imprint, Hollow Hills Publishing.

Going Down

After getting stuck in the office elevator with his CEO, Tino’s life changes forever. Murder, mayhem, and sexy adventures abound.

Lexington Black

A slick New York businessman with a dark secret and an unassuming Englishman still haunted by a family tragedy, find love unexpectedly, leading to deception, heartbreak and redemption.

Madison Blue (coming 2021)

A drag artist in Oxford, England, has to deal with the angry nephew of his deceased lover, trying to keep a roof over his head and saving the club where he works. Ryan is the frustrated classical pianist struggling with his sexuality and family commitments.

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