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With a life marred with tragedy and disappointment, Rob Martyn has found it hard take risks or trust anyone, yet after being asked on a date by a suave stranger, he discovers his daring side.

Lexington Black is the wealthy New Yorker who rocks Rob’s world. A ruthless businessman, Lex is accustomed to getting what he wants, and he wastes no time in luring Rob to his Manhattan penthouse for a month, on the pretext of rebooting his writing career.

As Rob is introduced to gay Manhattan by Lex’s colourful friends, he is unaware that years before, Lex was a student at the college where Rob’s father was Headmaster. A brief encounter between them may have resulted in the tragedy that Rob has been unable to forget. With this secret hanging between them, it is only a matter of time before Rob and Lex’s relationship is balanced on a knife edge.

A heated tale of lust, deception and redemption with two hot men who cannot keep their hands off each other.


That was a lucky escape. I had kissed the man, and it had felt incredibly good. Sweet, with a hint of an edge. But I had pushed him too far, having made him feel a sense of obligation by wining and dining him. That hadn’t been my intention, and fortunately, he had had the strength of character to say no. 

He was a better man than I, obviously.

Even so, I was now prowling round the hotel room in a heightened state of arousal, disturbed by how much of an impact that unassuming man had had on me. He was unlike the other men I had dated.

Most of them had been hungry, more interested in my money than my dick, good-looking, self-confident pricks like me who just wanted to get off and go. 

Rob was different. He was decent. And he was brave, facing his burgeoning sexuality with a composure that surprised me. It was as if he had always known it was always under the surface and now it had shown itself, he had welcomed it like a prodigal family member. 

But that didn’t mean he was prepared to give himself to a total stranger, unlike his father, who had caved with shocking ease.

 It was only after the tragedy I understood why. By then Charles Martyn had nothing left to lose, so when I had walked into his office, he fell on me like a starving man on a piece of prime rib.

I lay on the bed, still fully dressed, trying to push Rob from my mind, but all I could replace him with was the memory of Charles leading me into the inner sanctum of the living quarters off his office.

I didn’t want to go there. That memory would forever be darkened by what happened afterwards. I had lost count of the “if only’s” I had tortured myself with. I was young, selfish and hungry, and I hadn’t seen the agony he had been in. 

But how could I? There was no hint of it when we had been together. His need had been raw and savage, leaving me deliciously scarred. I had enjoyed that feeling for about a week, until I heard about his suicide, which happened the day after I left. 

There was no point agonizing about it now. I pushed the dark memory out and went back to my evening with Rob, that delicious man with so much potential. The way he closed his eyes as he leaned into my kiss. The gradual relaxing of his body against mine. I had been his first, and I had made it good. 

I could have made it mind-blowing, if he had let me. 

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