Spoiler for the Closer Than Blood series

Some people aren’t sure about incest as a plot device, and that’s okay! If you’d like to know if Pagan and Richard are related before deciding to buy this book, then scroll down for the answer.

The mystery won’t actually be revealed until No Limits, coming out later in 2021.

Triggers: Taboo relationship/gun violence/self-harm/drug use/domestic abuse

So…. are they?

The answer is no, they are not. Richard’s mother had an affair with an Italian artist years ago, and he was the result.

Richard and Pagan’s story could easily stop at an HEA at the end of Part 3: Surrender, but if you can’t get enough, then Going Down is available worldwide, and No Limits is set for release in Autumn 2021. Scroll down for another exclusive spoiler…..

Exclusive! Another spoiler…..

But trust me when I say there WILL be an HEA, because romance is surprising, unpredictable and diverse. With Tino on the scene, and Marcus Sandhurst waiting in the wings, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all found happiness together?

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