Review – Hidden in Roll: Book 1 by Stephanie B. Whitfield

This isn’t my usual genre, as it’s a YA book about being a teenager and all the awkwardness one feels surrounding boys and Prom and dealing with parents and siblings. I can’t identify with that at all so why did I read it? I was curious. The title is odd, and it has some mysticalContinue reading “Review – Hidden in Roll: Book 1 by Stephanie B. Whitfield”

Grizelda and Boo, a catty poem for Halloween

This is the story of Grizelda and Boo. Two naughty cats with nothing to do. Glossy and black, with eyes like twin moons; Together they sang the most glorious tunes. It was cold outside and the rain was pouring. They’d washed and snoozed, and life was boring. Their mistress had gone away for the dayContinue reading “Grizelda and Boo, a catty poem for Halloween”