The Cloud Seeker

Cat Cartwright’s sixth sense tells her there are storms brewing in her peaceful English village. A stranger is in town, one she does not trust after discovering he is the estranged father of Luca, the young boy she is responsible for. 

As the handsome, irritable New Yorker is gradually accepted into the community, Cat has no choice but to watch the strengthening bond between father and son, knowing that Max O’Donnell is not all he seems. 

Meanwhile, Max is being harassed by a persistent ghost, who is imploring him to face the lie he has been living since the 9/11 atrocity. When the spirit also begins to infiltrate Cat and Luca’s dreams, it is only a matter of time before Max’s carefully reconstructed persona is stripped away. He has to face the truth and risk losing everyone he cares for, or let his personal demons destroy him.

And Cat has to learn how to accept her own losses and past mistakes in order to move on with her life. Finding love was never part of the plan, especially with a man who is more flawed than she is. 

A tale of ghosts, redemption and romance.

  • Format : Paperback and ebook
  • ISBN : 978-0993565014
  • ASIN :  B00A9V2FA8
  • Print Length : 462 pages
  • Publisher : Hollow Hills Publishing
  • Language : US English

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